Business Sizzle

It’s an old saying but it’s a great saying!  And it’s the key to effective writing – whether for a product pitch, a magazine feature or a Pulitzer Prize-winning novel:

Sell the SIZZLE – not the sausage

For the simple reason that it’s not the sausage that excites us

  •  the tube of collagen stuffed with offal and breadcrumbs

 It’s the sizzle that whets our appetite  

  • the aroma of a glossy brown banger sizzling in a pan.

In marketing terms:

America’s Greatest Salesman sold the sizzle!

Selling the Sizzle was first coined by a guy called Elmer Wheeler. It helped him to become America’s Greatest Salesman during The Great 1930s Depression. Check out this amazing piece of archive footage showing Elmer ‘Selling the Sizzle’ (with steak – the saying changed to sausage in trans-Atlantic translation).

Dig that dated grey business suit … and the straining buttons! Elmer clearly enjoyed more than his own fair share of steak in his search for the sizzle.

Yet his pitch is as fresh today as it ever was. Products change but people are still people and customers still want to hear about those benefits.

It’s the tang in the cheese, the crunch in the cracker, the whiff in the coffee and the pucker in the pickle, that’s what people buy and nothing else

Wheeler’s Wise Words worked in The Great Depression. And, guess what? Nothing’s changed!

Hidden in every piece of merchandise, product or service there’s a sizzle

…it’s just a question of bringing it out. That’s what I do.

Your first 10 words are more important than your next 10,000

…I have a way with words. 

If you like my style get in touch – I can start sizzling your sales today!


Five Benefits to You from Me


Attention-grabbing copy that sells your product or service


I like being complimented on my writing. That includes what I write for you


I have happy customers so you can check me out


I have a reputation as a good writer – you’re getting the best


The job is only finished when you tell me it couldn’t be better

business sizzle

Belinda’s writing sells the sizzle!