Meowy Christmas!

And a Furry Happy Mew Year

Meowy Christmas

50 Shades of Grey Cats Get Christmassy

Hi everyone,

Our Mum’s not posting this week because she’s exhausted and it’s all our fault.

She wanted us to wear silly hats for a Christmas photo but we refused to cooperate and somehow the Christmas tree got broken, which made Mum pretty bent out of shape, too.

We’re sorry about that (nobody’s purrfect) but we really don’t like our heads being messed with.

So she’s been up all night trying to make a picture in Photoshop instead. We don’t think it was easy as she was doing quite a lot of shouting.

So we’re trying to say sorry by posting this for her.

But we have to keep it short because our claws keep sticking in the keyboard and Greystoke is trying to kill the mouse.

With Feline Felicitations for a Meowy Christmas and a Pussperous Mew Year (and Mum will be back to see you all in 2013)

Meowy ChristmasBlue, Greystoke and Ronronne – aka The Three Mousketeers

Stop Puss: Greystoke says you might like to see his brother (a famous caterwauler) performing this Christmas song.

Pusst Script: If you’d like to read a funny story about how Mum came to be in Spain (before we were born and featuring a great drawing of some of our relatives hanging from a washing line) you can read it here: Eldorado Lives!


  • Mo December 23, 2012 at 12:23 pm Reply

    What kind and well-dressed pusskins you are! Mum must love you very much despite the unfortunate incident with the tree. Hope the entire litter has a furry Meowy Kissmas and Mew Year! xxx

    • Belinda December 24, 2012 at 2:02 pm Reply

      Thank you Mo, we’ll tell Mum you wrote to us and maybe she’ll tell Santa to leave something for us under the (broken) tree after all!
      And a Happy Mew Year to You Too! Greystoke, Blue and Ronronne.

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