How I Became A Cyberstalker

Meet my 'victim' and check out his great iPad mag

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Do I look like a stalker?

If you’d told me, a year ago, that I’d write a lifestyle feature for an ipad magazine  for a man I’ve never met for no fee, I’d have said you were crazy.

But Graham Hunt is the kind of man you want to do crazy things for (within limits). Like writing for an iPad magazine I can’t even read because I don’t own an iPad.

These weren’t always my sentiments. There was a time when I nurtured uncharitable thoughts about Graham Hunt.

Who was this human dynamo who managed to author e-books, launch newsletters, juggle three blogs and guest post for a lot more while selling real estate (in a real estate slump), developing an iPad app and bunking off with his family at weekends – with time left over to Tweet the experience and post the photos on Flickr!

This is a man who blogs in bank queues, makes sales videos while driving and probably tweets from the toilet, too.

Our virtual paths first crossed nearly a year ago in my antisocial networking days when I didn’t know my Vimeo from my You Tube. I joined a Facebook group called WABAS – Writers and Bloggers About Spain – and Graham Hunt was its founder. Every time I checked in, Graham had set himself a new goal or passed another milestone. #SpainIs, the hashtag campaign on Twitter he got to ‘trend’ at number two, is just one example. Meanwhile, I was too chicken to chirrup my first fledgling tweet.

The more Graham achieved, the more I despaired. “Oh my God, look what Graham Hunt’s up to now,” became my daily wail.

Then, one day, I heard his story. It’s a pretty inspirational story about the failure of his successful real estate business, the loss of his team, the threat of bankruptcy and then, just when he thought things couldn’t get any worse, the broken collar bone… Graham used his enforced downtime to study internet marketing and rebuild his realty business. (This is a man who sees opportunity in disaster and could probably sell snowboards in Jamaica!)

Of course, he had to do it in style, struggling to operate the computer with only one finger… But I found my uncharitable thoughts turning into grudging respect…

Yes, even for a man who comes from Widnes and uses the F-Word a lot, in a posh way (Just Fecking Do It is his mantra, and it’s a good one).

Now I’m his mental stalker and I follow him every day. I learn from his mistakes, I attempt to emulate his successes, I gain inspiration from his boundless energy and I don’t have to pay him one centimo.

So that’s how I came to write a lifestyle feature for an ipad app for a man I’ve never met for no fee. It’s not a small price to pay for what I receive in return – it’s no price at all!

Thank you Graham!

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iPad magazine

Spanish Property Magazine on iPad – the shape of our reading to come?




For those who have iPad and would like to read the pioneering Spanish Property Magazine, destined to set a trend in the publishing world, you can download the app via this link.

For those like me, who don’t have an iPad, here’s the article I wrote for it: Why the Campo de Gibraltar Rocks.

And finally, here’s Graham himself – you might want to stalk him too!


  • Graham Hunt October 14, 2012 at 9:06 pm Reply

    Love it Belinda. Makes me sound quite dynamic 😉

    • Belinda October 16, 2012 at 7:36 pm Reply

      You ARE dynamic, Graham!

  • Steve Hall October 14, 2012 at 9:28 pm Reply

    Great post …… do it more often and you will be the Graham league!

    Made me smile!

    • Belinda October 16, 2012 at 7:38 pm Reply

      Bringing a smile to readers’ faces is my aim in life, Steve, so happy to oblige!

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