An introduction to 'the barrio': Los Barrios Spain

My barrio Los BarriosThere’s something extraordinarily charming about Los Barrios, Spain – the ‘barrio’ where Belinda spends her writing week.

On the face of it, this petite pueblo perched on the southernmost tip of the Iberian peninsula is plain ugly, with a skyline of smoke-belching chimneys, a sprawling industrial estate and some very peculiar buildings.

But beyond the frumpy façade, this quirky Spanish pueblo frays at the edges into the most stunning natural scenery. Tarmac roads blur into country lanes where cute donkeys are more often seen than cars and there’s a wild beauty that people search for but rarely find in modern Spain.  That’s not to say civilisation hasn’t touched it at all. The famous seafood restaurants in Palmones (the coastal part of the municipality of Los Barrios) are positively upmarket!

One of Belinda’s favourite ways to while away a summer’s evening is to sit in the plaza watching three or four generations of families enjoying the simple pleasure of sharing a drink and a tapas together – something you wouldn’t often see back in the UK.

But the best thing about Los Barrios is that hardly anyone has heard of it. Belinda’s job as a writer seems clear! For now, this short slideshow will give you the idea.