Mistress of Sizzle

A Freelance Writer in Spain

Freelance writer in Spain

Belinda now – freelance writer in Spain

freelance writer in Spain

Belinda then – wordsmith in training

Writing has been Belinda’s passion ever since she was old enough to hold a pen, and wherever her career has taken her, whether …

  • clinking cocktail glasses with the stars at fabulous film premiers
  • tiptoeing around tarantulas in the steamy Amazon jungle on one of many exotic assignments for the British travel industry
  • reporting from crown courts, industrial tribunals and coma-inducing council meetings

Before becoming a freelance writer in Spain she worked alongside Britain’s best journalists for the most exacting Fleet Street editors; and expounded on the celebrity lifestyle for Marbella’s leading glossy magazines.

Through it all, nothing extinguished her signature semantic sizzle.

Classically trained and NCTJ qualified, she began her newspaper apprenticeship in 1974BC (Before Computers) – the editorial Stone Age! Think hot metal typesetting, copy runners (human email) and filing from the field via ye olde red public telephone box. What she would have given for an iPhone!

But this ‘dinojourno’ is not ready for Jurassic Park yet.

Freelance Writer in Spain

In 2011, she took a sabbatical to update her career for the Internet Age as a freelance writer in Spain. Her portfolio of sizzling editorial services is coming soon! To her newly-acquired blogging and SEO copywriting skills she’ll be offering:

  • incisive business features
  • cutting-edge travel articles
  • candid critiques
  • bespoke humour columns
  • editing and proof-reading
  • Spanish-to-Queen’s English translation
  • articles from all angles on her adopted homeland – Spain

British by nationality, Irish by accident of birth (Belfast), Belinda’s business ethos combines the northern European work ethic with the Mediterranean love of life – truly the best of both worlds.

freelance writer Spain

Did the stork bring Belinda her new website?

Meanwhile, enjoy her blog, where she’ll be sharing her sizzle on a regular basis.

An expat in Spain since 1992, Belinda has lived on the Costa Blanca and the Costa del Sol. Today she spends her writing week in the Campo de Gibraltar, on the Costa de la Luz, at the crossroads of two continents lapped by two seas.

“It’s an inspirational place to write,” she says. “I can see Africa from my rooftop, which gets buzzed by low-flying storks and raptors with gigantic wing spans. A wide-brimmed sunhat is required work wear in case of equally gigantic calling cards!”