Finding Your Niche

Tips from a famous German philosopher

Finding your niche

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The aptly-named German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche was so right when he wrote:  ‘And if you gaze for long into an abyss, the abyss gazes also into you’. Because finding your niche has precisely the same effect!’

Not ‘niche’ in the Spanish sense, which is found in a cemetery and contains the bones of your dead relatives. Niche as in internet marketing, a hotter topic in e-commerce today than the G-Spot used to be in Cosmopolitan magazine.

I thought I’d found my niche years ago when I became a journalist. But now that the world and his wife have blogs, ‘professional writer’ doesn’t hack it any more. Only something as niched as ‘one-legged, blind obituary column writer’ will (apparently) get me to the top of Google’s search engine because, as every socially-networked, Linked In blogger takes smug delight in stating, unless you first find your niche then no one will find you!

Entire websites are devoted to the subject (advice on finding your niche is a niche), such as … though how the Kiwis think they’re going to find mine way Down Under, below Australia, is anyone’s guess.

Numerous sources agree that a niche lives among your passions, pastimes and God-given talents. My passions are private, my cats are  ‘family’, not pastimes (though they do demand a lot of ‘pusstime’) and what talent I have for writing was not God-given but honed  over several decades.

So nuts to niches!

I read another quotation by Nietzsche: ‘All truly great thoughts are conceived by walking.’ 

I went for a walk yesterday and found my path blocked by a  bull  that had escaped from a field. No bull****! It was far scarier than being ‘nicheless’. I took it as a sign. When I got back home, I grabbed its proverbial relative by the horns and wrote this, my first post.

I hope it won’t be my ‘Last Post’ (RIP)…

finding your niche

Finding your niche; when on the horns of a dilemma, take the bull by the proverbials


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Diversity Meets Creativity

The must-read new book on finding your niche in Spain

Fame at last. Not only did I find my niche – my post is one of 27 articles featured in this new book written by members of  the Costa del Sol women’s networking group, Costa Women. You’ll find humour, pathos, life lessons and heartfelt musings on living and working in Spain. If you buy it you’ll be helping a good cause – and I don’t mean me! Proceeds go to the Costa del Sol’s Cudeca Cancer Care Hospice.


“Costawomen ~ Diversity meets Creativity” by Costa Women

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