Cyberstalker Part 2: Quarrying the Prey


A cyberstalker’s friends: Chris, Graham and Dave (they never did get to try the sherry)

So I finally got to meet Graham Hunt, the internet marketing guru I’ve been stalking for nearly a year!

The publisher of the world’s first Spanish Property Magazine on iPad bravely stopped by to unmask me on his whistle-stop car tour of coastal Spain. (Those travels are chronicled on Twitter at #SpanishRoadTrip – see below.)

Not brave because I’m a scary cyberstalker (although this was our first face-to-face ‘internet date’ since I joined his Facebook Group, Writers And Bloggers About Spain. (If you write or blog about Spain, and have something to contribute, why not ask for an invite to join? It’s a great group!)

Brave because he’s probably the only man in Valencia who has actually set foot in Los Barrios in the Campo de Gibraltar. You can find out more about this very strange Spanish pueblo here.

My friend and fellow WABAS member, Christopher Gamble of First Impression Property Solutions, was also at the meeting with his partner, David Cussen, who is also my partner (in a different way) so there could be no funny business.

But there was funny business because Graham makes business fun. You can read all about what drives him in a business feature I’m writing for Essential magazine in Marbella – due out in December. (He’s in Marbella having his photo taken for the article as I write this.)

Anyway, I think it went ok because Graham posted this tweet:

Then Dave and I went home and looked at the photos he’d taken and we found a funny shot of Graham and I had this kind of brainwave about working it into a slideshow.

It was 10pm and poor Dave has to get up at 6am and we’re only just learning the process…

But, just for me (he must love me) he valiantly threw together this short slideshow as a memento of our momentous meeting. I wanted to share it with you.

If you’d like to know why I became Graham’s stalker you need to read this post first.

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