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  • 29th
  • Dec

Restaurant Reviews I Wish I’d Written

Now, read them here!

When the waitress asked: “Would you like a torch with your menu?” I thought she was joking!

Agreed, it was dark. Pitch dark. The restaurant’s windows were shuttered, the lighting…

  • 19th
  • Oct

Zahara’s Ruta del Retinto Festival

It's a pub crawl with (cow) bells on!

“No! Don’t take her photo,” I pleaded as we passed a particularly fetching russet-brown cow, grazing in a field along the coast road to Zahara.

“I can’t look her in the eye in case we might be eating…

  • 22nd
  • Jun

Bambi’s Great Escape

En-deer-ing encounter with a Malaya Case fawn in Jimena

You’ve seen him in Babycham adverts and a well-known Walt Disney cartoon but I never expected to come nose-to-nose with the real-life, polka-dotted, velvet-antlered version: Bambi in the flesh.

That pleasure awaits visitors to the…

  • 31st
  • May

A Bitter Twist on Lennon

By his ex, Cynthia (a musical post)

I used to hate Cynthia Lennon.

A lot of us teenage girls were a bit psycho, that way, in the psychedelic Sixties. Pinning Beatles to our bedroom walls like crazed etymologists. Insanely jealous of wives and girlfriends. Fantasising about John/George/Paul/Ringo – take…

  • 22nd
  • Feb

Weird Art & Bloody-Minded Peacocks

Montenmedio is the surreal thing!

We were hunkered down behind some ornamental bushes, ready to shoot, like Joanna Lumley and Gareth Hunt in a scene from The New Avengers.

Two daft tourists with oversized Nikons, creeping around the grounds…

  • 04th
  • Feb

Sun, Snow & Mulled Sangría

Welcome to the Costa del Ski!

The smart ski set used to look down its collective Prada sun visors at the unfashionable Sierra Nevada, famous for its lack of cuckoo clock charm. But this year a lush new designer hotel has put the maligned Spanish ski resort back in the winter sports race.

Opened in December 2012 by the Marbella Club…

  • 05th
  • Jan

2012 In Memoriam

Oh What a Year it Was!

As we go softly into the long New Year (some of us wishing it didn’t end in a 13) what are your indelible memories of the last 12 months? Here are my own Sizzling Top 10.

1. Look Before You Leap
Girls, did you take advantage of Leap Year to propose to your man…

  • 08th
  • Oct

Turner Prize Honours ‘The Excremental Form’

But is it 'Art'?

The ‘art experts’ who brought us old urinals, piles of bricks, a pickled shark and an unmade bed have excelled…