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  • 27th
  • Apr

Website Tips: Planning for the Terrible Twos

The Continuing Saga of a Cybermum

My cub reporter days gave me a marked distaste for mother and baby contests, where you were expected to goo-goo over gurgling infants that mostly looked like gremlins. (“So how old is little Jenny?…

  • 04th
  • May

Long Live The Reporter’s Notebook!

(and I don’t mean the Sony version)

Am I the only journalist in the world who doesn’t get excited about the latest electronic gadgets?

Call me old fashioned but low tech still rocks for me. And that’s not just because I started…

  • 18th
  • Jan

Blog Is A Four-Letter Word

So please don't call me a bl***er

Blog is categorically the ugliest four-letter word in my entire list of ugly, four-letter words.

As a noun, it conjures up images not dissimilar to the product of an unmentionable bodily function. Indeed, to…

  • 15th
  • Jan

Journalistic Licence

A Quick Demo of Word Power

A man once paid a genealogist a large sum of money to trace his lineage and was horrified to discover that his great grandfather was infamous.

He had been the first person to be executed by electric chair at Sing Sing Prison.

Over a pub lunch with a journalist pal he complained about the time and…

  • 09th
  • Nov

Me & Generation Jones

(We got a thing goin' on...)

If you were weaned on The Wooden Tops… if you associate Cher with Sonny … if Joni Mitchell makes you misty eyed… never mind. Welcome to Generation…

  • 02nd
  • Nov

Giving Birth To A Website

The Angst of a Novice Nursing Cybermother

  • 25th
  • Oct

Cyberstalker Part 2: Quarrying the Prey

So I finally got to meet Graham Hunt, the internet marketing guru I’ve been stalking for nearly a year!

The publisher of the world’s first…

  • 12th
  • Oct

How I Became A Cyberstalker

Meet my 'victim' and check out his great iPad mag

If you’d told me, a year ago, that I’d write a lifestyle feature for an ipad magazine  for a man I’ve never met for no fee, I’d have said you…