'One of the Best Writers on the Costa del Sol'

Belinda Beckett is one of the best writers on the Costa del Sol, with a signature style that instantly engages.

Iain Blackwell, Publisher, Essential Marbella magazine

The Minister has personally asked me to tell you that he was extremely impressed with the content and quality of your drafts and thoroughly enjoyed the humour you injected into the narrative.  

Charmaine Soussi, Personal Secretary to Gibraltar’s Tourism Minister, Neil Costa, on articles written for Essential Gibraltar magazine

I only hope some of our freelance contributors will be able to rise to the standard you have set in your own writing.

Mary Ratcliffe, Editor, Travel News, London

Without doubt the best property description I’ve ever read in Marbella. Congratulations on your excellent work.

Lorenz Nenning, Director, Citadelle Consulting, Elviria

Tu reportaje es muy completo y presenta el Parque de las Ciencias de una forma muy atractiva. Tanto que provoca ganas de venir a disfrutarlo.

Cristina González, Head of Communications, Granada Science Park

The new Travel News Frontline supplement is really excellent and one of the most novel and entertaining developments in travel trade journalism in recent years. It will be very much appreciated by young people training in the industry.

Terence Meredith, TMC School of Tourism, Essex

For having done an excellent job in covering the recent Universal Federation of Travel Agencies Association congress, our sincere congratulations.

Eduardo Jarque, Regional Director, Philippines Tourism

Testimonials from fellow alumni on the National Council for the Training of Journalists courses, under which Belinda qualified.

It gave me the perfect skill-base for a career in journalism – from basic, yet essential, stuff like a high shorthand speed to knowledge of media law which, given the number of times I’ve been sued, came in particularly handy.

Piers Morgan, editor and broadcaster

One of the first elements of our course involved a father giving a simulated press conference, lamenting the fact that his daughter had run off with a ‘terrorist’. I duly wrote it up. Not only had I defamed the new boyfriend but the father had also said ‘guitarist’, not ‘terrorist’ …lesson learned.

Anna Botting, Sky News presenter