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  • 07th
  • Feb

Down with St. Valentine’s Day

Give this 'cardiac fest' arrest!

What is it about St. Valentine’s Day that makes normally sane people do crazy stuff?

Like proposing on bended knee, bankrupting themselves at the jewellers or lacing perfectly good cava…

  • 18th
  • Jan

Blog Is A Four-Letter Word

So please don't call me a bl***er

Blog is categorically the ugliest four-letter word in my entire list of ugly, four-letter words.

As a noun, it conjures up images not dissimilar to the product of an unmentionable bodily function. Indeed, to…

  • 15th
  • Jan

Journalistic Licence

A Quick Demo of Word Power

A man once paid a genealogist a large sum of money to trace his lineage and was horrified to discover that his great grandfather was infamous.

He had been the first person to be executed by electric chair at Sing Sing Prison.

Over a pub lunch with a journalist pal he complained about the time and…

  • 05th
  • Jan

2012 In Memoriam

Oh What a Year it Was!

As we go softly into the long New Year (some of us wishing it didn’t end in a 13) what are your indelible memories of the last 12 months? Here are my own Sizzling Top 10.

1. Look Before You Leap
Girls, did you take advantage of Leap Year to propose to your man…

  • 22nd
  • Dec

Meowy Christmas!

And a Furry Happy Mew Year

Hi everyone,

Our Mum’s not posting this week because she’s exhausted and it’s all our fault.

She wanted us to wear silly hats for a Christmas photo…

  • 15th
  • Dec

In Praise of Brussels Sprouts

They're not just for Christmas!

When Kermit sang “It’s not easy being green,” Brussels sprouts the world over identified with his predicament.

Because sprouts, like…

  • 02nd
  • Dec

Home or Away for Christmas?

The Expat's Dilemma

So where will you be unwrapping your socks and chocs this Yuletide? Will yours be a ‘Feliz Navidad’? Or do you think…

  • 26th
  • Oct

The Stag Party With No Males

Disappointed does at a deer rut in rural Andalucía

We were six consenting adults gathered in the wilds…

  • 25th
  • Oct

Cyberstalker Part 2: Quarrying the Prey

So I finally got to meet Graham Hunt, the internet marketing guru I’ve been stalking for nearly a year!

The publisher of the world’s first…

  • 15th
  • Oct

Los Barrios Spain

Centre of the Universe

If we are what we eat – and my bathroom scales support that theory – are we also where we live?

I looked in the mirror last week and saw a country bumpkin, so yes…